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The Wipe Out! Products include the Wipe Out! Wipes, the Wipe Out! Multi-Surface Wipes, and the Wipe Out! Multi-Surface Decontaminant Spray (the “Products”).

Class members who submit Proofs of Purchase for the Products, such as receipts showing price paid, date purchased, and location purchased from, establishing each purchase during the Class Period, may receive a $3 cash award per Product purchased up to $15.00, subject to pro rata adjustment.

If you do not have Proofs of Purchase for the Products, you are entitled to receive a $2.00 cash award for every Wipe Out! Product you purchased before or on April 19, 2023, up to a maximum of $6.00, subject to pro rata adjustment.

Packaging, including bar codes or UPCs, shall constitute valid Proof of Purchase only if the Product(s) claimed to have been purchased can be identified from the packaging submitted. Failure to include Proof of Purchase for claims in excess of $6.00 will result in the claim being reduced to $6.00. Submission of false or fraudulent information will result in the claim being rejected in its entirety.

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